Problem with file attachment plugin


Hi there.
I found a problem with the file attachment plugin by Franklin Hernandez.

I’m reporting my example: I’ve uploaded a pdf to the task (a supplier order).
Next, I received an updated version of this pdf, so I cencel the old file inside the task, uploading the new.
When I view this file (it opens a new tab in chrome), the older version appears.
I tried to change the file name (ex. “order 10 - updated”): the file name appears correct.
If I download, it downloads the correct version. If i click “show file”, it’s opened in a new tab (chrome, as before). the old version appears again, despite the different name.
I think it’s a cache problem


Did you test without the plugin? I’d be surprised if it was plugin related. Although, I see some unrelated issues with that plugin…like being a lazy copy of the comment only plugin, and including unnecessary templates from the original plugin.

You should put your issue on the plugin issue page.


I took a look at that plugin some more. I’m not sure what you are using it for, or think it does, but it definitely does not do what it says it does. it gives permissions to project viewers to attach files, but lacks the templates needed to actually give them the ability to do so. It’s currently a pointless plugin.