Problem with mysql driver


I have setup kanboard on my server. It seems to be working, but when I use sqlite driver it shows “Internal Error: SQL Error: SQLSTATE [HY000]: General error: 13 database or disk full.”. There is full of free space of disk.

I have try to switch to mysql engine - but when I do this kanboard stops working at all and shows error message “Internal Error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory”. What’s interesting - when I change to mysql engine there is no any debug.log info (when I change back to sqlite there is debug).

How to solve this? For me it’s indifferent what engine (mysql/sqlite) I use, I want it only to work properly. I cant use postegree.


Unless you are just testing it, I highly suggest you use mysql instead of sqlite. In order to kanboard work with mysql, it’s not just change the engine to mysql. You need to setup a mysql server and set the other connection properties on config.php:

About the error 13 database or disk full. when using sqlite, are you using linux or windows? The error should be different if it was permission errors, but did you check that?

I know that I need to configure database and I dont have problem with this - its made properly for sure, becouse I’m connecting to this database from command line without any problem. I use Linux (it’s installed on Synology NAS but it’s some linux distro). I dont know why kanboard shows errorr message only with mysql driver and dont write then any messages to debug.log.

Because NAS disk drives be so slow, like molasses, that things go boink. Doubtful that’s the reason tho.

Are you using ram disks for temp folders?

For sure it’s not related with slownes - it has parameters better than averadge server.

That maybe, but, it’s still a NAS and so therefore it does NAS type things, of which, includes a lot of I/O. But you’ll see those errors as I/O errors, and if using mysql, less likely than sqlite.