Self-Registration – Info for Admin concerning new User

Hi, any ideas for a Workaround concerning plugin issue " Project Owner / Admin does not get a message concerning new self invitation with Plugin Registration v1.0.8"?

you would need to:

1.) create a template for said email

2.) create a function to send said email to admin, using said template

3.) call said function after the user is created and they recieve their email (right after line 68 of current controller performing said action)

4.) make a PR to said repo

5.) pray they merge it and you didnt waiste your time, or make your own edits and never merge said updates.

Well, that’s something I would call a solution, not a workaround :wink:

My Workaround:

I’m using to survey changes for element “Nummber of users”:

Visualping instruction “Can I monitor a password protected page?” was useful for me to find out how that works for a PW protected page.

To avoid misunderstanding: I do not check the higlighted “37 users”, but right from Bielefeld & Buß Logo “Users (37)”