Separated swimlanes and columns



first of all I wanted to thank all developers and contributers for this great open source PM tool! I looked into dozens, but this beats them all!

The following feature request was already posted on GitHub several months ago by another user (#3979):

I miss the possibility to separate the logic of swimlanes and columns, so one could define columns for every swimlane independently. It would be nice to implement different workflows inside one project rather than creating a new project for every workflow.

How difficult would tht be to separate swimlanes and columns? Is anyone else interested in a seperation?


Too much of a pain in the bottom for me to want to tackle. Would be willing to contribute to such a project, not gonna lead it. have done something similar in, so I think it could be done.


Thank you for your response. Unfortunately my programming skills are far from being good enough to get into this. Could you explain why such a feature is hard to implement? Too many core parts to rewrite?


Haven’t taken a deep dive into what it would entail to give you a good answer to your question.

I can tell you, that I am self taught and had no programming experience when I started writing Kanboard plugins. Literally. It’s taken years for my plugins to develop to where they are now, and I have a few, which require maintenance, so I just don’t want to add the burden of another repo to my plate at the moment.

More than happy to contribute to such a project though.

Maybe if I get bored and need a way to spend my nights, but currently rewatching Game of Thrones, getting prepared for the final season :wink:


I’ve also taught JavaScript myself by contributing to another wonderful project (TiddlyWiki). Maybe Kanboard could be a good opportunity to get more into PHP and SQL (any suggestions where to start?). But for now I will start with some theme mods to make Kanboard more mobile friendly.

Thanks and have fun with GoT :grin:


Plenty of opportunity to put that javascript to use in Kanboard as well.

I’d start with Automatic Actions. Then work into more complicated stuff.
Definitely read the plugin docs.

For something like this plugin, check out the issues, like:
Lot of conversation about how and why we did things the way we did. Very much relates to a plugin like your talking about, might gleam some insight.