Split/grouped columns discussion (again, I know)

This has been an ancient feature request but the plugin that implemented an alpha version of it seems unmaintained. In my opinion it would be better for such a feature to be part of the Kanboard core anyhow, like it is for other Kanban tools.

What would it take to implement this, is there perhaps work being done on it behind the scenes? I might be able to sponsor development on it, since it’s one of the first big snags our Kanban teams always hit.


You’re right!

It should be coded by following the Kanban Method from David Anderson.

For each step (except the last one) one should be able to configure both “ready to go” and “running” steps

But it wasn’t coded like that.

I have implemented some plug-ins and I thought myself about how I could code a plug-in that would provide both READY and RUNNING steps for each column, it possible, but it would be a huge update.

I could join in the team to provide this great feature.

I’m always willing to collaborate on repositories.