How do I create different columns?

There are 4 standard columns only which for some reason are fixed as “backlog, ready, done”, etc.

And then you move tasks between each column.

It doesn´t make much sense imho.

A much better Kanban use is to approximate it to a business process, where each column is a TASK, and you move INSTANCES of a process between the tasks.

Let’s say I have a board for EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING.

Each column would be a task of the Employee Onboarding Process

Here in a BPM format

For a kanban format, each of those rectangles (a task) would be a column.

To avoid that many columns, we can group several of those as single columns and have subtasks

Then each card is not a TASK.

Each card in the Kanban is an INSTANCE of the process… in the case of Employee onboarding, basically, each card is a NEW EMPLOYEE.

Unfortunately, either I am missing something or the columns are fixed in Kanboard (unlike Wekan for example)

here from Wikipedia, an example of a Kanban board more similar to the ones I need

Ok, I discovered where to modify the board to have other columns.

The documentation is lacking in this sense however. Searched it for columns and I could not find anything about this configuration I am doing now.

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