Use Kanban boards as subtasks for another board

This feature is available at WeKan and I think it’s very important. It makes sense from a process perspective, that some tasks will always repeat.

Let’s use ONBOARDING as an example.

So we have an Employee Onboarding kanban. Each card is a new employee.

There will be several columns in our board:

  • New Employee
  • Prepare new hire paperwork
  • Setup Accounts and Logins
  • Training : policies, procedures

Employee Onboarding is a process.

Each column in that process is a subprocess with start, tasks and end. (columns)

Having all the subprocesses as columns of the Onboarding would make a 100 columns board. Not feasible.

Having the subprocesses as simple checkboxes or even as other fields on the main process would lose the LOGICAL order of the subprocesses, as well as analytics (how many employees are having their email created right now?)

So my logic is that we should be able to setup a board and then link it as children of a column of another Kanban board.

Each time a card moves to a column that has a “sub-board”, a new card is created at the subboard.

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