Sub-categories within the in-progress column

Is there a plugin available–or is someone developing a plug-in–that will essentially establish a workflow within a category on the kanboard. For example, “In Progress” can have many sequential steps to accomplish before the task is moved to DONE. As an example, “In Progress” might have the following “steps”:


If you’re familiar with JIRA and what they do with their scrum boards, users can create these types of workflows within a category on the board and the task will start at the top of the category and “fall through” these stages until it reaches the bottom and then is eligible to be moved to DONE or RELEASE or whatever finalized/ending column is in use on the board.

Can a plugin that already exists in KanBoard do something similar?


Never seen such a thing, but I know two things to be true:

1.) SCRUM and Kanban are different things
2.) Jira made me bang my head against the wall repeatedly

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I know there’s a difference between SCRUM (a methodology) and Kanban (an implementation). I was just wondering if we could implement a workflow within a specific stage (column). Sounds like an opportunity to write a plugin! :slight_smile:

I highly encourage you to take that opportunity!