Set first first image as coverimage

Good morning, from Venezuela.

How can I configure kanboard so that the first image that I attach as a file or as a screenshot is defined as the image of the card?

Coverimage Plugin

The plugin requires you to set the image. You would have to recode it to automatically select the first image. I dont think Timo or I have any desire to change that functionality.

I was reflecting with those who asked me for this feature, the inconvenience of it being automatic, much more if the miniatures are captures of code editors. :joy::joy:

Thank you very much for the correspondence.

maybe one day if i get bored, i’ll look into adding as a preference setting.

I haven’t seen bluetek working on much in kanboard recently, so doubtful he will.

Add it to the repo as a feature request, so i don’t forget.

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:+1: In agreement. I will make the request.