Coverimage is slowing down Kanboard


I’m using the Coverimage plugin for some days know and it’s starting to slowing down my board by freezing for 3 to 5 seconds until all the thumbnails are loaded after some actions like updating a card.

Is this a normal behavior ?

Is it possible to enhance something ? Unless, i’m going to be forced to deactivate it. Too sad.

Can you deactivate it and confirm that’s the cause.

Although, I will note, your board auto refreshes every few seconds, and now you have a bunch of images to redraw on the screen. They are cached, so, no there is nothing to do to help, except maybe get a faster server or client, or internet…?

I already done that. I confirm that the plugin is the cause :slightly_smiling_face:

You are welcome to replicate on my test server:

See if it does it there…

Thank you for the proposal but my professional data are to confidential unfortunately.

I meant, add a bunch of fake tasks and random images as the cover images.

Ah ! Ok :smile:

Thanks @creecros for answering this post.

For the images the thumbnail is used and shouldn’t have a big impact on your board as Creecros said.

I’ve created a test project without any problems.

@Kantime how many images do you have on your board.

I have 20 tasks with images. The images are loading instantly when I simply navigate the board, going to the list view or the gant view and going back to the board view.

But, if I modifie a task that contains an image cover, when i validate that task, the board needs to reload all the thumbnails with a long lag around 3 to 5 seconds. During this delay, no action on the board is possible. I have to wait the loading of all the thumbnail to make any action again. It’s really annoying.

My internet connexion is very fast (315 mb/s, downloading and uploading).

Actually, you can see that when you edit a task in your test board, all the only 4 thumbnails are reloading slowly.

I’m not seeing it, when i take a look, and change one of the images, I see that the others are remaining cached and no redraw is occurring. Unless I am just missing what you are referring too.

It doesn’t occur every time. It is hard to identify the origin of the problem.

Some times, it’s instantly reloaded. And some other times, there is a long lag :man_shrugging:

Maybe more visible when you start to have a lot of tasks…

Others have commented about the sluggish redraw performance, and things have been done before, but noted they still exist:

Either way, it wouldn’t necessarily be a Coverimage plugin related issue, since the plugin uses all the internal workings of Kanboard, but I can see how the images would make what occurs naturally in Kanboard standout more.

Ok ! So probably not directly related to the plugin. It just amplify the problem because more elements need to be reloaded.

Thank you for all the explanations.