Setting start/end date for projects from the API?


I’m working on integrating Kanboard with other systems where I work. I’d like to set end/start dates for projects I create using the API. It looks to me like it’s not supported.

If it’s not supported, should I post a feature request? Should I (try to) add it myself. Any pointers on where to start?


Hello, tobiasbp!
The code you should change is the method updateProject from API/Procedure/ProjectProcedure

If you’re willing to change kanboard code, I suggest you create a pull request afterwards to persist your changes on future versions.
It is also possible to create a plugin that implements a new api method. I think that what you’re asking for should be made directly on kanboard instead of a plugin.
If you need any help, I’ll be around :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping me out. I have updated createProject and updateProject on my own installation to accepth “start_date” and “end_date” and played around with it.

I have created a pull request: