Simple step-by-step Plugin development . is there any?

Hi all!

I have started using Kanboard and now I need to collect some metrics.

I can access the database and I could get the data from there and create my report outside of Kanboard.

I would do it by creating a Node.Js Express app.

But, I would like to add these features to Kanboard so that I want add it as plugin.

Does anyone know where I can find a reference material to show how to create and deploy a plugin?

I could create its structure by cookiecutter, and I moved it to plugin folder. That’s nice. But I want to add the following behaviors:

  • to add a link beside statistics link
  • Each report would be a different page as the same way that we have in the statistics one

That is, create both configuration and plugin page itself.

For instance, the query below shows the work items ages, in days, for all cards in a project.
I want to create an interface inside Kanboard to display something like this.

SELECT title, DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(UNIX_TIMESTAMP()- date_moved), ‘%d’) AS ‘Age’ FROM tasks WHERE project_id = 3 ORDER BY Age

If I had a “Simple Plugin development step-by-step” about how to create interfaces and access database, would be nice to build the rest by myself

Any ideas?

As I could not find any answer. I read the documentation and inspected the source code in order to understand how to add new features and I have coded this simple plugin that adds to Kanboard some other filters.

I still need to add this plugin under kanboard repo.

I don’t know how.

If anyone knows, please, share it!


see How to add a new plugin to the list?

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Thanks I’ll do that.