Unofficial Kanboard Discord Server

Someone had this idea, I think @FxFx, but I’m being proactive.

Here is an unofficial discord channel:

Might reduce some of the long threads on the forum for simple questions, collaboration, etc…


Maybe. OTOH communication is spread over multiple channels, what I consider as bad practice. I prefer to stay here. I’m on IRC as well, but nobody cares in the #kanbord channel there, unfortunately.
That GitHub discussions steal some communication threads from this forum is also bad, but, what should I say, it’s GitHub… :roll_eyes:

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its there for whoever wants it :slight_smile:

im generally on discord, so its not 1 extra thing for me.

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the invitationlink is invalid by now

its only good for 6 days:

Why not create a perm invite link? Invites that expires are quite useless if you intend to create a server for the community.

Did not know that i could

please create a permanent invite link.

Is group still active?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

No clue. I was there after the invite, for app. 5 minutes. I didn’t like it.

Permanent link

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