Upgrade kanboard (process)

hello i read doc but i am not sure about process
i have kanboard installation + plugin
i don’t understand “Copy the data folder into the newly uncompressed directory”
we need to create a new kanboard installation ??

Decompress the new archive aside the current installation folder. NEVER decompress directly over/into the current installation folder. After decompressing the new archive, you have two Kanboard folders

  • /path_to/kanboard (the current installation, my assumption)
  • /path_to/kanboard-1.2.22 (the new kanboard, without data, config etc.)

Now copy (remember, copy, not move!) the complete data folder from /kanboard to /kanboard-1.2.22. Test the new version by accessing /kanboard-1.2.22. If everything is ok:

  • Delete the old folder /kanboard
  • Rename the new folder from /kanboard-1.2.22 to /kanboard

BTW, having a backup is mandatory.

great thanks for more explain

juste for plugin what is the process ? need to copy it ?
i launch new install after copy data
i have this message
Internal Error: Unable to run SQL migrations: Running migration \Schema\version_94, SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 duplicate column name: owner_id (You may have to fix it manually)

Yes. Sorry, I forgot.

no return about sql error ?

Sorry, I’m not using MySQL. All I can do is point you to a relevant section in die docs.

Running SQL migrations manually