User profile editing behind 443 port

Hello, I’m using kanboard with docker behind an Apache reverse proxy.

I’m setting up the SSL certificates on my reverse proxy so I don’t want to use the nginx ssl inside docker.
Everything works fine except I can’t access user profile editing.

I thought about removing the ssl part from nginx configuration used in the docker image, but I will need to rebuild the image for every update and I’m looking for an easier way to do this, any idea ?


I dont know anything about apache, or why you would want to use it.

But, if you want easy, there is a separate container, and its never been easier for me.

Why would I use apache ? Because I need it for my reverse proxy, it’s similar to nginx.

There is no need for a nginx container, I already have Apache doing that for me.

I will probably try to just remove the ssl part from the nginx config of the kanboard docker and my problem will be fixed…

I was just asking if there was an easier / built-in solution for this.

Edit: There was no need to remove ssl, just need to use port 80 for the reverse proxy. And my problem was because of apache modsecurity so I just removed it.

And i gave you one. Use it, or dont, up to you.