Activity Stream w. long horizontal lines

When a task contains very long lines in my installation (using firefox) a part of the text disappears from the screen when shown on the activitiy stream.
It would be nice to have either automatic linebreak or a horizontal scrollbar to be able to see all the text.

you should reduce these texts and share this behavior as a bug here, on github. It can be done only with CSS.

Can you provide a screenshot? Couldn’t reproduce/see the problem in my installation.

Sure, here is the screenshot.

It seems that no elemnts on top of the activity stream are visible and there is some minimal “scrollbar” at the bottom, but apparently not working.
Kanboard version is 1.2.14 using sqlite.

@oalexandrino: Unfortunately being a just user of software I have no knowledge of php, css etc at all.

Dear all,

here is a workaround for this issue: If you rightklick the activity stream button and open it in a new TAB or new Window automatic linewrapping works and overlong lines are not a poroblem any more.