Add more than 5 columns

Hello maybe i need to open my eyes but i didn’t find a way to create more than 5 columns … its a limitation ?

I have no problem with adding more than 5 columns. Do you get an error or are you simply not getting any more columns?

i didn’t have an add button in global config

To add, edit, arrange columns go to:
“Configure this project” > “Columns”

should be self explanatory from there.

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but sorry i didn’t find button to add

Maybe there is an issue with the custom Theme.

Try to disable it to test with the default configuration.

it s already the defaut template (juste use customizer)

Disable customizer.

If it persists, deactivate all the plugins.

Then, reactivate them one by one. But verify after each plugin reactivation.

Then, you can identify which plug-in is causing the bug.

i try to disable all plugins … but nothing more

you need permissions for the project, make sure you have them

inspect the area where it should be, i have a feeling its there, but you just can’t see it, maybe something to do with whatever css you have going on. nothing in the code should prohibit it from being there.

ok i will check thanks