Project managment page do not show correctly


Project managment page do not show correctly

error message:

Internal Error: SQL Error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 ambiguous column name: name

what can I do ?

I had this problem when I installed a buggy plugin.
A default kanboard installation shouldn’t have this kind of errors.
What plugins are you using?

no more plugins. But in the .htaccesss I can’t use Options -MultiViews because it causes an internal error. If the Options -MultiViews necessary ?

The Options -MultiViews is related to the “pretty” url rewrite (this), but this should not throw an SQL error.

Can you enable debugging and post the lines near this error?

I’d be guessing it’s more OS and dependency configurations, related.

After I reinstalled Kanboard and chose DB MySql, everything works fine.