Add Subject to IRC chat channel #kanboard

We have a (not very lively) IRC chat at ircs://

Unfortunately there is no Subject line. And it seems that there is no known channel admin to create a chat. It seems that the only possibility to create one is:

  1. We agree on a day to change that
  2. We agree on a volunteer to do the job (The fist who will not have said now within 24 hrs here :smirk:)
  3. Latest in the morning (09:00 UTC or so) of the day from (1) all will have left the Channel. Means: Channel will have gone.
  4. The volunteer from (2) visits #kanboard. That means, he recreates the channel
  5. He automatically will become channel admin(?) and can add a summary
  6. Interested people return to (or visit first time) #kanboard
  7. Everything is fine

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Can you agree with this proceeding? And with my suggestion Sunday, June 5th for (2)?

Alternative might be to register the / a channel?

We had this conservation on ircs://
[2022-05-17 17:45:17] <Rainer_Bielefeld> Is there a more comfortable way te get a channel admin and a subject for IRC chat ircs:// than described on Add Subject to IRC chat channel #kanboard ?
[2022-05-17 17:47:13] Rainer_Bielefeld: not sure i understand what you mean?
[2022-05-17 17:47:17] Rainer_Bielefeld: Channel registration | Libera Chat
[2022-05-17 17:47:35] the first person to join a channel gets ops
[2022-05-17 17:47:36] ben: There is an existing channel but it’s not theirs so they don’t have control
[2022-05-17 17:47:41] ahh
[2022-05-17 17:48:11] ben: Easiest way is to do a group registration, otherwise you indeed need to do the “wait for the right person to get ops” to register
[2022-05-17 17:49:00] it’s not registered
[2022-05-17 17:49:03] kee: ok… thanks…
[2022-05-17 17:49:39] ben: I think that’s what they’re trying to fix: register the channel so a topic can be set
[2022-05-17 17:49:54] message chanserv
[2022-05-17 17:49:56] We’ll see once a reply arrives
[2022-05-17 17:50:05] <Rainer_Bielefeld> Remco: I’m ony IRC User sith limited knowledge. Where can I find a manual concerning group registration?
[2022-05-17 17:50:12] ask for help from chanserv
[2022-05-17 17:50:12] RED ALERT
[2022-05-17 17:50:34] whats up
[2022-05-17 17:50:43] an inverted down
[2022-05-17 17:50:53] Rainer_Bielefeld: It’s on the website I linked you. ben in here can help you further
[2022-05-17 17:52:24] =-= Modus #libera +o el von ChanServ
[2022-05-17 17:54:08] Rainer_Bielefeld: it’s a process external to IRC, using email and proof of ownership (after speaking to someone on irc)

May be we also should add a hint concerning IRC to Kanboard — Kanboard documentation ?

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This is a chat room on IRC, there is IMHO no need for a subject. Everyone can talk/write something regarding kanboard.

BTW, there is

14:29 -!- No topic set for #kanboard

Trying to introduce a subject is IMHO somewhat strange, it disturbs the usual chat life.

Great idea, should be done after you got control over the channel #kanboard.

May be you should explain that to the other thousands of chat groups who did not understand IRC:

And here the ones which understood:

Ahh, I see. By subject, you meant the topic (thema), right?

BTW, I was able to modify topic of channel #kandoard.

09:26 -!- Topic for #kanboard: All about kanboard

Yup, Subject was my (very) free translation …

And I see, Topic has been added. Looks better!

My suggestion: extend (after some discussion or at least thinking about it all together) to
“All about kanboard, the free and open source Kanban project management software | New to IRC? Read Getting help on IRC – | You can also ask for assistance at Questions - Kanboard

Or similar.

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Fully agree. But first, we (you?) should get the channel #kanboard registered.

Plausible approach! I will create an issue here for “Register IRC channel #kanboard” later to find out whether there are concerns.

If there are no concerns we will find a volunteer (may be me) do do that.