Register #kanban IRC channel

We discussed an appropriate topic for the IRC channel
Our interim result was that we should first register the channel.
At least for me there are some questions we should discuss before we act.

  1. should we keep “#kanban” or are there better alternatives? For example might be more appropriate than the very general “#kanban”?
  2. Which would be the appropriate registration for the IRC channel? Alternatives on Channel registration? I am not familiar with those details.
  3. Do we have one or more volunteers for “managing” the IRC channel?
  4. May be more questions?

What do you think?

Other related issue is “Outdated info on Website concerning IRC #5000”.

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I clearly vote for #kanboard, as we refer to our beloved tool. :wink:
I assume using #kanban would gather much more attention, cover the entire kanban method, this is IMHO unwanted.