Alternative Dashboard or Home Page with Graphs

It would be nice to have a home page (or dashboard) that shows each of your projects as a pie chart with different colors for the different columns (yes, like Restya :smiley:). It would be a smaller version of the task distribution graph.
If that’s something other people would be interested in, I would volunteer to work on a plugin implementing it.

This is how it looks in Restya:


oh cool
an option for choose number of projet + column mode can be good !

Those are good ideas. I started modifying some of the dasboard stuff on my installation of Kanboard but I’m still learning Kanboard’s APIs and re-learning PHP after a long time in Python/Django land, so it’s going to be awhile :smiley:

i am here for testing and motivation !


some news about this ?

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I’m coding a plugin to provide new flow metrics features. I’m getting an issue regarding Content Security Policy. It’s blocking outside in-line JavaScripts.

If you have any idea have a look.

no sorry its not my level

Sorry I haven’t had time to work on it lately. Not sure when I’ll be able to try.