Alternative translation mechanism


I see in the translations many inconsistencies. Let me give an example:

'Time estimated:' 
'Time estimated' 
'Time Estimated' 

(also for “time spent” and many other translation strings). This is amongst other things due to using a plain php file for translations and adding strings via some script when needed.
I’d suggest to move to a pot/po/mo format for translations. The mo-files (compiled po-file) is faster than a plain php file, and there exist many editors (e.g. poedit) that allow editing these. Also when strings are added/removed, you should only need to update the reference pot-file (po template), and the translators can merge this with their po-file of choice when they want to update translations. I’m guessing that github can even maintain the pot-file automatically.



great but cant work until the core developer agrees to it I guess :frowning: