Excel File to help to create translations


i’ve created a smal Excel File to assist me to create the “transplations.php” file(s) for Kanboard PlugIns.

Maybe it is useful for others as well:


The resulting text can be stored as text file in
PlugInName\Locale\de_DE\translations.php (in case of german translation)

if the plugin supports different languages. Should also do with LibreOffice Calc (without the macro, but that should not really matter).

Have fun, Fx


I see further usage of this spreadsheet, by copy to google documents and use googletranslate function to automatic translate and then use a macro to export all language translation file.

Hope anyone can finish it


I have been using a similar tool, less elaborated …

Hi neotaburiss,

good idea.

I think there is no need to make such efforts. Just copy the source column of the sheet to https://deepl.com setup language (if needed) and copy the output to the destination column.

Check and rework the result. Done.

Just tried this with a few lines:

Cheers, Fx

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