Excel workbook to assist translations for plugins with deepl


i reworked the Excel workbook to help to create translations.php files from scratch or to assist to translate existing ones to other language with deepl.com

No macros in there. So it may work also with Open Office / Libre Office.

I’ve also added an english and german documentation on how to use it to make things even more easy.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Have fun, Fx

If you ever decide to list this as a plugin in the kanboard directory… I have already added the backend code for it in PluginManager here Add manual plugin note · aljawaid/PluginManager@17b5b5c · GitHub

I noticed, there actually is a release you created 2 weeks ago. Shall I get this listed in the directory for you as a manual plugin?

I’am unsure. I do not see that as a Kanboard plugin. It is more a tool to assist translating things.

Maybe it does make more sense to add it to your skeleton plugin?

But if you think it could be helpful: feel free to add it as you like.

The release two weeks ago is the actual version of that package. I will keep that up to date.

Cheers, Fx

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