New Plugin: PluginManager

I would say that the issue is because is a totally invalid version number. that compare will never work.

you can account for a lot of things, but when people make up there own versioning format, well…can’t help with that one.


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I can sense 2 things happening. 1. @creecros, “can help?”

I dont mean to pester you, you just know more than me :slightly_smiling_face:

its all good, i could say the same to you, we each have our strengths.

Can anyone clarify?

What is "remote_install": true, from plugins.json meant to do?

If I make it false, the plugin does not show in the available plugins directory (with or without PluginManager).

I always thought, if the plugin was set to false, then it would be listed but the install button would be a manual download button.

as you can see, false eliminates the plugin.

so then my question is, what is the point of it if it never gets listed anywhere?

its a parameter, that disallows remote installation. thats the point of it.

edit: however, having it listed in the json would be a good idea if you want people to be aware of any updates.

respect wowwww thank youuuuuu

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how? if it doesn’t show up in the directory?

ya, you’re right, maybe it is pointless. i thought it showed in installed plugins for some reason.

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na it doesn’t show… having said that, Im thinking of adding it as an if

The next version will have a new page “Manual Plugins”

The existing directory already shows 8 plugins which were not picked up by Kanboard core. Now users can download those plugins if they want to risk it. I added KanboardSkeletonPlugin to make it 9 in my installation.

Developers can list their plugins in the normal directory but if they set remote_install to false, the plugin will appear on the manual plugin page with a download link (no install). the kanboard core currently completely ignores such plugins based on the configuration.


@aljawaid Did you start adding other peoples plugins to the repo? I strongly hope you ask them before you do.

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@alfredb fixed this… watch out for the next release… filter and update counts will be included

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Can somebody please check… in PluginManager v3.5+, in your Kanboard version…

Do your tooltips work and show?

I have PluginManager 3.5.0 and the tooltips work for me.

This may be an issue only for me, but I noticed that the tooltips don’t always appear when I hover over the 🛈. Sometimes I have to jiggle the mouse, or move the mouse away and back again, before the tooltip will appear.

what kanboard are you using? because on my v1.2.20 the tooltips show, but on a test run of 1.2.22 they dont show.

Yeah the appear-disappear tooltip hover thing I’ve had for ages across kanboard itself, not sure if thats a core js issue but I try my best on it. I’m actually thinking of switching to css-only tooltips but not sure yet.

I’m on 1.2.28, which is the latest iirc

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PluginManager v4.x Update

Hello all, I hope all users are enjoying this plugin. Looking at the little GitHub stats that I can find, this plugin has attracted 731 downloads!

Version 4.0 introduced a bug for users with PHP v8 configured - apologies for that and a great thanks to @alfredb for providing a fast fix. This bug would prevent users from using the plugin and most likely generated a blank white page. The problem was fixed in v4.2.

Coming up in the next release will be German translations thanks to @cptsanifair and also the feature to show only plugins with updates, extending the possibilities that @alfredb created with the plugin filter feature recently in v4.0.

Here’s a screenshot of what to expect:

A big heartfelt thanks to the users and contributors for shaping this plugin to become what it is within the last 6 months. Don’t forget to star the repository if you are on GitHub, and if you are in the mood to get me a coffee, all my plugins have sponsor buttons! :wink: