Another Trello import script


I have created an import script with Python to help easily move from Trello to Kanboard. This is quite similar with this issue, but this is based on JSON Trello project. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for all!

Based on the experience gained during the development of the python script, and thanks to the extensibility of the kanboard through plugins I wrote a first version of an automatic import plugin for the kanboard.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Greetings wiltonsr. Thank you very much for this plugin.

I installed it in a new kanboard and it shows the link for the modal window but it does not open.


I did several tests eliminating one by one the installed plugins to see if it identified which of these generated the conflict. Finally I re-installed only this plugin and I still can not see any modal window that allows me to load the json file.

In the browser inspector I can see the following error.

GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

I appreciate the help you can give me.

Oh! Excuse me. :rofl:

Obviously the problem is in my server


I have tried it on a web hosting and everything is fine. Very valuable plugin. Thank you

Glad to know :slightly_smiling_face:

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