Automatic action: "Change task color when using a specific task link"

Using the above automatic action, I’d like to colour tasks red when they’re blocked. However, there’s not a way that I can remove that colour when all blocking tasks have been closed, so the task is no longer there.

Is there a plugin available that adds this automatic action, or one in a similar enough area that it could reasonably be modified to do that?

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Doesnt sound too difficult, if I get a moment I’ll show you exactly, but in a nutshell…

In the hasRequiredCondition, use the task finder to get the task by the id and then check the status. You’ll have to use the task finder model.

Should look similar to && $this->taskFinderModel->getById($data['task_link']['task_id'])['status'] == 1

Bare in mind I’m on a cell phone at the moment…

Edit: actually theres more to it than that…because you want to change the color back, when nothing else is blocking it, so, you need to add that condition, “when nothing is blocking it”, and then change the color back to previous, which presents the next issue…what color was it? So you need some type of previous memory, which could be stored in the tasks metadata and accessed upon condition.

You also need to decipher between tasks that have never been blocked, and no longer are blocked, which can be determined by the existence of this memory stored in the metadata.

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Sorry to bring back such an old thread but the requested plugin seems to be exactly what I am also looking for. Did you get to write your own plugin? I considered the option of writing my own but it seems to be quite challenging as I have zero experience with php.