Broadcast Plugin creates unwanted folder ✅

This one is a spin off from Lots of plugins errror messages
The reason for thd files folder seems to be a plugin, which creates the folder.
I installed some plugisn yesterday in the evening:

  • Task2pdf 20:55 (UTC+2)

  • Subtaskdescription 20:58

  • Group_assign 20:59

  • Customizer 20:04

  • Calendar 21:24

  • Using Customizer Plugin I added a logo for the KANBOARD at 21:22 or so

  • Folder …/KB2/plugins/files appeared at 21:22

Here you see the folder structure:

What do you think?



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Hmm, I just tried to reproduce this misplacement of files.
Unfortunately, here Customizer creates his files at the collect location, below data/files/Customizer

My best guess is that your config is partially faulty.

EDIT: Could it be that your data directory isn’t writable so that Customizer used a fallback?

Thx. for testing. Indeed, seems to be a fault in my config, I will do more tests next rainy days.

Rainy enough, I’ll do it today!

(View from my office Window …)

Ey, really nice view,

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And I found the reason for that Problem

There was a wrong entry in the config.php

  • Should be:
    • define(‘DATA_DIR’, DIR.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.‘data’);
  • I found:
    • define(‘DATA_DIR’, DIR.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.‘plugins’);

Don’t know how that might have happened. After correction now the problem has gone.

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That brings me to the question: Why do you have DATA_DIR in your config if you use the default?

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I only know thtat I did not add or create that preference.

And I see that in all my KANBOARD installations. So might be some mystery with installation process of my provider “All-inkl”?
All config.php start with


/* Rename this file to config.php if you want to change the values */
/*                                                                 */
/* Make sure all paths are absolute by using __DIR__ where needed  */

// Data folder (must be writeable by the web server user and absolute)

// Enable/Disable debug
define('DEBUG', false);

// Available log drivers: syslog, stderr, stdout, system or file
define('LOG_DRIVER', 'file');

// Log filename if the log driver is "file"

My config.php only contains the minimal required definitions. Everything else is clutter and should be removed. You can always consult config.default.php in case you need something else.

BTW, I took this opportunity to do a longtime pending job: Moving the data directory outside the Kanboard tree.