Lots of plugins errror messages ✅


One of my KANBOARD installations contains a file <…/plugins/debug.log>
Tnat contains lots of lots messages like
“[2024-04-05 13:58:21] [critical] files: Unable to load this plugin class: \Kanboard\Plugin\files\Plugin”
And sometimes like
“[2024-04-05 13:57:21] [error] File not found: /www/htdocs//weststadtaktivkasse.de/KB2/plugins/files/thumbnails/tasks/82/e01904…”. AFAIR those were moments where I did modifications in the KANBOARD
None of my other 2 KANBOARD installations contains such a debug.log in the plugins folder.

  • That already started last year, may be when I installed.
  • Messages also came when this mornign to pugins were installed: I had to do a new installation
    from a Backup because I was no longer able to reach my installation, probably because of a
    plugins problem (my suspect, not yet proved).

Can you help me with an idea where I should try to find the reason for those lots of messages?



Rainer, Rainer, du scheinst mir etwas aus der Übung zu sein. :wink:

Everything you put below the /plugins directory is interpreted as being a plugin and Kanboard tries to load it…

Plugins usually store their files under /data/files/pluginname and NOT below the /plugins directory.

From where the debog.log within /plugins comes from, I cannot say from here. Either your config value is wrong or one of the plugins created its own log there. (Weird)

define(‘LOG_FILE’, ‘/var/www/kanboard-1.2.35/debug.log’);

Hast recht … :disappointed_relieved:

Deleting that empty files folder “files” did the trick, no more dntries in debug.log.