Change default sort for dashboard tasks

Hi there,

new here with Kanboard and in this forum. Previously I did my task management (self-employed music composer here) with Mantis Bug Tracker and wrote some plugins ot better suite my workflow. Now I was looking for something else and found Kanboard. Quite nice so far; also with all those available plugins!

Yet something still is a tiny bit annoying to me: the default sorting for the tasks on the dashboard. You can change the sorting temporarily with a click, but it won’t remember the last chosen sorting option after e.g. visiting the dashboard again another day (unless when visited via the URI with the GET variables).

So here are my questions

  1. Is there any plugin (I might have missed) or other way for changing the defaul dashboard tasks sorting behaviour?
  2. Before I start digging deep into the plugin development: would it be hard to make such a plugin? I am familiar with PHP, JS, CSS, etc. - yet before spending too much time (I actually not really have anyway, haha) digging into the Kanboard plugin API etc. (at first sight I did not find the plugin docs too helpful yet) I first wanted to ask, if this might be a stupid idea at all. :smiley:

Thanks for any help here!

Hmmm. Normaly the arranged sorting is preserved. But i’am unsure if this is user based…

There is a plugin which sorts the whole board on due dates, creation dates or “default” order.

Maybe that could be what you are looking for. Unsure.

If this helps, do not takle the release version. Download the latest code…

Hey FxFx! Thanks for your reply. I am indeed talking about the dashboard of Kanboard, not the board-view of a project! I already use the kanboard-duedate Script - this works nice. And on the board-view the sorting behaviour is indeed saved other wise. Unfortunately not on the dashboard.

Ps: Are you the author of the duedate-sorting plugin? Than thank you! I can sense it will become quite handy. (=

I’am not the Author of it. I did the take over and changed some very minor things and i try to keep the maintenance. Because i like and use it :smile:

Maybe you can provide a screen shot to explain what’s the issue for your needs? I’am not sure if i understand it…

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Well, sure, here is a GIF which hopefully is better than a screenshot, since it should demonstrate how the sorting gets “reset” after I visit the base URI again (so visiting the dashboard without URI GET variables again):


In the screen cap I set “Due date” as the sorting option. Then tasks get sorted accordingly. Then I press my logo to visit the dashboard again (almost like a refresh, but with getting rid of the URI GET variables). Then the task sorting is again “Priority”, which seems to be the default.

Edit: I might have some kind of solution … yeah; after all I tried to dig into plugin stuff, hehe. Going to post my (probably noobish) solution here later!

And now here I am still stuck, haha. But at least I might have learned something regarding the whole plugin writing system / logic.

I came up with a new question, which I just posted in another thread, where it might fit quite well, I guess:

So I wonder if this might be the right way: to override the DashboardPagination.php with a plugin … if it is possible at all. I am still trying out in the meantime.

Yet I am happy for any new replies and help here. Thanks, people! (=

Creecros helped me figuring out something important here and I was able to come up with my first very small plugin. I opened a new thread for it here:

Hello, welcome to the forum… you might find this useful if you are new to plugins.

Once you are ready, publish your plugin to the extensions directory so users can install from within their Kanboard

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Hey there! I almost forgot to answer you (due to my posting limit as a new user two days ago).

Thanks for your links! I will have a look. And thanks for the warm welcome here, hehe. (=

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