Modify dashboard

hello i want to change something in dasboard …
like this
with css i create a base but need more explain

1 how to display imge porject in full with with text after
2 how to change number of project with pagination ?
=> what is the technique to acheive this ? (plugin, template override ?)

1.) The image is provided through the cover image plugin, not kanboard core. Your best bet would be to edit that plugin directly to achieve full width. If you do it right, you could make a pull request, but not sure how that would play out for users without your edits, I cant remember if I have collab on that repo, so you’d have to talk to bluetek.

2.) I think the task limit is defined here:

cool thanks ! did you recommand to use a plugin or maybe it can be an option in global config (for pagination)?

i try to set max(40) nothing change only 20 peer 20

I was just guessing.

ok, found it. I thought it was the dashboard, but that’s run through the ProjectListController.

sorry same nothing change lol

looks like it worked to me, im on your page now.

strange that already display " Éléments 1 à 10 sur 24← PrécédentSuivant →"

        $paginator = $this->paginator
        ->setUrl('ProjectListController', 'show')

    $this->response->html($this->helper->layout->app('project_list/listing', array(
        'paginator'   => $paginator,
        'title'       => t('Projects') . ' (' . $paginator->getTotal() . ')',
        'values'      => array('search' => $search),


all 39 projects show for me.

incredible …
i use chrome and try with incognito mode … i only see 20 items …
maybe a cache problem …

most likely, dump your cache.

i will try thanks for your prompt support !!! your tool is realy cool

and for full width, just change this file:

by removing vspace="5" hspace="3" height="25" from the <img src
and add width="100%"

and remove the class="avatar avatar-20 avatar-inline", replace with your own class and then add some css for it to round the corners.


its very cool
=> other question how to add link in image ? i check code for title but not sure
for me only 25 item per page … i change computer for testing … its realy incredible i try with an other account same …

Each view has it’s own controller, so it depends on which view you are using. If all you see is 25, then you are going through the Dashboard controller to “My Projects”

There isn’t just 1 location to set the paginator limit. You have to account for all the possibilities.

To make the image a link, you need to wrap it with an <a> tag using the href attribute.

      The following image works as a link:<br>
      <a href="">
         <img alt="Qries" src=""
         width=150" height="70">

To do this, you will need to send the entire <img> code, as the $label to the link function in the UrlHelper via $this->url->link

for reference:

This is an example of how it is currently done with the project title as the $label:

So, in a nutshell, it should look something like this:

<?= $this->url->link('
    <span class="mynewclasstoroundthecorners">
        <img src="'<?= $this->url->href('FileViewerController', 'thumbnail', array('file_id' => $file['id'], 'project_id' => $project['id'])) ?>'" title="'<?= $this->text->e($file['name']) ?>'" alt="'<?= $this->text->e($file['name']) ?>'" width="100%">
    </span>', 'BoardViewController', 'show', array('project_id' => $project['id'])) ?>

my apostrophes/quotes may not be correct, but you get the idea, i hope

very cool thanks !!!

a question is possible and how to override this controler to create mine ? the goal => don’t loose this modification after update

just create a plugin that uses a template override.

do you need more help?

Hey Creecros. I am new here and I have a similar problem. I am at a point where I seem to understand the setTemplateOverwrite method and logic. The post starter asked about override a controller and you answered with the template overriding logic. Just to be clear, since I am still learning the plugin logic etc.: template overriding cannot override controllers, right? Or am I missing something?

E.g. would it be possible to override the app/Pagination/DashboardPagination.php with a plugin?