Css file changed and the css url don't change


I am new to Kanboard and willing to make Kanboard better. I found that the task editor using ‘sans-serif’ font-family instead of a fixed-width font-family.

So I changed it to monospace in form.css and run ‘./cli css’ to minify it. It does compress the size of the css files and finally and I got a new app.min.css file.

The problem is, when I run Kanboard again after the change, I didn’t get what I want. The reason that it refuses to change is that the css URL is still the old one like that:

<link rel=“stylesheet” href="/assets/css/app.min.css?1566529148" media=“screen”>

the numbers after the question mark didn’t change!

I try to find why but I am new to the Kanboard code. Anyone can help?

Thank you


================ supplement ================
I think I have found the reason why it doesn’t change.
I am running Kanboard by docker-compose, docker-compose doesn’t use the code in my work directory… the docker-compose.yml is designed for running a stable version of Kanboard for using not for developing.

Sorry for wasting your time.