[SOLVED] HowTo minify assets for kanboard?

Hello there,
I looked at the Developer’s Guide on how to build assets

But then I found this in the ChangeLog, so apparently node.js and gulp are no longer used …
Version 1.2.11 (Aug 24, 2019)

* Remove dependency on nodejs and gulp
* Remove dependency on Sass
- Convert *.sass files to vanilla CSS
- Start using CSS variables
- Add PHP minifier

Looks like I have to minify from the CLI ?

My DEV-environment is on Windows(xampp) … can anyone show me how to use the minifier there?

Thanks for your answers in advance

Nevermind … found it myself :wink:

// open CommandPrompt
// navigate to the root of kanboard
// type ...
php cli css

The relevant doc is here: Building Assets (Javascript and CSS files) — Kanboard documentation

I don’t know why ReadTheDocs keeps in cache obsolete documentation.

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