CSV delimiter and decimal delimiter

how i can change the CSV delimiter and decimal delimiter for exports csv

For the CSV there is probably no way, seems to be hard-coded.

change the sign everywhere, changes column splitting from comma to semicolon

private $delimiter = ‘,’;
to this
private $delimiter = ‘;’;

The delimiter etc. ought to be configurable by the user. I’d say. Also, in another thread @korlikiangel you’d mentioned that you had issues with charset (UTF-8 encoding), so the charset ought to be configurable by the user too. Many CSV libraries allow you to make these configurations, so Kanboard should too. Adding those features would make a good feature request or plugin I think.

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Or even better, the importing application is capable of handling such things. The C in CSV stands for comma… :wink:

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I understand the joke, but even the RFC for CSVs (RFC 4180) allows for variation of the delimiter:

In locales where the comma character is used in place of a decimal point in numbers, the separator between fields/columns is often a semicolon

It’s best to think of CSV as a label for “delimited text” I think, and try to accommodate the most common variations you see in the wild: changing the delimiter within records; changing the delimiter between records; changing the quoting policy; and changing the escape character. Allowing variation on those four axes and dealing with alternative character encodings would cover the vast majority of cases.