How to export a task descirption?

I just installed Kanboardlatest using docker (v1.2.12) and tried export to csv but description field is absent.
Might be the same for import. I’d need to import description too.
I read a ticket from 2014 on github but I can’t find which file to change.
Or is there an easier way now?

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Example of modifying export fields:

Example of modifying import behavior:

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Thanks @creecros I’ll try that ASAP!

I thought you pointed me to a working example.
Unfortunately adding description to MetaMagik displays the description but doesn’t export it (only the header is exported, not the value even if the value is visible in the task detail).

They are working examples, that relate to what you want to do, as a guide for where to begin to do what you need it to do.

We are trying to merge two projects and this is indeed a problem for us. The CSV export is basically useless because it contains only the titles :frowning:

Is there any plan to support full exports and imports, with full descriptions and comments, in the future? Another idea would be the ability to bulk-select and bulk-move items from one column to a column in another project. This is already possible in list view, but only between columns in the same project, not to another project.

Just to clarify, what I linked are roadmaps for anyone to build what your asking for, they show you how to override the export and import features to export and import the fields you want, but they do not import or export what you are asking for. Make sense?

I am currently trying out the features of Kanboard using docker and had similar issue and managed to export Task’s Description with tweaking the code a little bit. I am not sure if this will work in all cases. You have been warned.

# docker exec -it kanboardContianerID bash 

cd /var/www/app
sed -i -e "s/\(.*TaskModel::TABLE . '.title',.*\)/\1 TaskModel::TABLE . '.description',/g" -e "s/\(.*e('Title'),\)/\1 e('Description'), /g" app/Export/TaskExport.php

./cli export:tasks 1 2021-10-1 2021-11-1
"Task Id",Reference,Project,Status,Category,Swimlane,Column,Position,Color,"Due date",Creator,"Creator Name","Assignee Username","Assignee Name",Complexity,Title,Description,Description,Description,Description,Description,"Creation date","Modification date","Completion date","Start date","Time estimated","Time spent",Priority,Tags
1,,test1,Open,,"Default swimlane",Backlog,1,Yellow,,admin,admin,admin,admin,0,test1,"test1 description","10/20/2021 11:54","10/20/2021 12:25",,,0,0,0,TEST_TAG

I am too lazy to do PR now.