Does Anyone Associate Costs or Budgets with Projects or Tasks or Kanboard as a whole?

Do you have a cost element to a task or project? Do you use currency rates, or the currency rates feature in Kanboard?

I’m making a cost-related plugin and need some ideas to see if i can further develop any easy features

Hi @aljawaid I am trying your excellent plugin CostControl.
In my case, I am making a project simulation about making metalic doors, so, I am realizing that a raw cost table will be excellent, not just hourly rates.
In example: I create a cost table or list in my project, so I be able to have costs for each raw material or piece for making eack door model. I would sum the hourly rates with the issues for making it.
I share with you this trying to enrich your project. Best regards.

hello, thanks for the appreciation. Okay I think you wnt a raw cost table PER PROJECT… also known as BOM (Bill of Materials)

I also need something similar, so watch this space. I havent got round to doing anything per project yet although initially I need something similar PER TASK. Star the repository on GitHub to monitor the updates.

The hourly rate feature was migrated from the Budget plugin. The main point of CostControl is to add a financial element to Kanboard and make use of the core (not used) currecy features.

The first release was just to get the plugin out with the live rates.

I already starred your plugin.

Yes, I had the budget plugin and I am using your Cost Control plugin now, it is better than the budget one, a real improvement. Congrats and thanks for doing it.

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