Downloaded files being damaged

Hello. I have a problem with files, that are attached to task. When I download or open file, that I uploaded, it is damaged. In folder data/files all files are intact. Can you help me? Do you know how I can fix it?
Sorry for my English and thank you.

Hello, Petrovtimur!
Welcome to our community. We need a little more of information to help you. :slight_smile:
Damaged how?
If you upload a text file, for instance, what you receive when you download it?
Can you send (via google drive or something alike) samples of files (uploaded vs downloaded)?
You can also check the error files on your webserver to see if there is any clue of what’s happening.

When I open file it gives an error message, that “this file can’t be open, because it contains errors”. It happans with .jmp , .xlsm , .png and other files, but, for example, .pdf file are opened well.
It is archive with files before and after downloading.

Thank you for your answers!

I notice that at the begining of file code there is one space sign. It appears after downloading.

Yep, that’s seems to be the problem.

Did you edit any php files from kanboard?
Check your config.php for any characters after the closing php tag ?>

Actually, it’s better that is doesn’t contain a closing tag to prevent this kind of errors.

If it’s not on config.php, it’s in another php file.
Oh, it can also be before the opening tag, <?php.

Thank you for your time. I check all php files. But it was correct. I asked person, Who worked with program before me and he said that he didn’t edit any php files from kanboard. Neither did I. Perhaps, you have another Idea? Thank you

UTF-8 BOM character, maybe.
are you on windows or linux?
Can you make a copy of your config.php file and send it somewhere? Google drive, dropbox, something like that. The original file, not just its contents.
Remember to hide the passwords or any sensitive info inside it