Expected behaviour when a user is deleted?

Hello there…

What happens to a user’s projects and tasks when the user is deleted? Are they tasks just assigned to “None”?


Deleted? They gone. Forever.

I meant, what happens when a user is deleted. I have edited my original post. Sorry for being ambiguous.

I don’t think I’ve ever tested this. Now you have me curious…

you have necessity for remove this user ?
the best pratice is disable this user, for maintence history from activtiy

GDPR (to my understanding) may not allow you to keep info on previous users “forever”. I’m considering what to do with accounts for people who have left the company.

One option, would be to assign all task/projects fro the deleted user to a pseudo user “unknow user”

I think the actual behaviour is compliant with GDPR, because when you delete user :

  • The name of the creator of the task (if it’s the deleted user) will be cleared
  • Tasks assigned to this user will be “unassigned”
  • Comments posted by this user are kept but with no “creator”
  • Attachments (documents & images) will have no creator/owner

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Thank you a lot for taking the time to document the behavior. Much appreciated.

I had to Google GDPR…but I’m a silly American…we sell your data upon account deletion.