Failed to install under Debian 10

as already described at The installation failed under Debian 10 (Buster( which is stable since Jul 2019.

The installation under Ubuntu 18.04 works. so I guess this is a problem with PHP 7.3 (Debian Buster) instead of PHP 7.2 (Ubuntu 18.04)

With the next LTS version in Ubuntu we get PHP 7.4.

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To help you troubleshoot - does a very basic installation (with PHP’s built-in web server and sqlite) work on that server? I spent some time with a new Debian 10 virtual machine, and got Kanboard working with the built-in server/sqlite. I didn’t edit the Kanboard config files at all.

I installed PHP with the following command:
apt install php-sqlite3 php-gd php-mbstring php-json php-xml php-curl libapache2-mod-php <-- NOTE: I updated this to include libapache2-mod-php

I downloaded and unzipped kanboard-1.2.13, and in the kanboard folder I ran:
php -S localhost:8000

I was able to log in as admin/admin. If a basic installation like mine works for you, then perhaps there’s an error in the config.php (or MySQL configuration). If you’re using Apache, there could be an error in the Apache config too.


I used Apache2 and MariaDB as shipped with Debian 10. I did the same
config under Ubuntu 18.04.

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You got me curious, so I tried configuring Debian 10 with Apache and MariaDB. I adapted the Debian 9 instructions (mostly changing PHP versions and extracting to /var/www/html instead of /var/www/) and Kanboard worked correctly (I logged in, created a project and some tasks).

The PHP version installed is 7.3.14-1~deb10u1 (cli). A disclaimer: I’m not very familiar with Debian/Ubuntu distros (I use Fedora/CentOS).

The docs have been updated to cover Buster: