Gantt Chart doesn't show links

I wonder if it’s by design that Gantt plugin is not showing links, for example child or dependencies. or I’m missing some details on how to use it correctly.

Unfortunately the current gantt js libary doesn’t support links between tasks.

In another project I’ve used maybe it’s time for another more complex kanboard gantt plugin :thinking:

see also github issues

If anyone wants to implement a more complex Gantt plugin, we are ready to donate for acceleration.

It would be nice in gannt chart plugin:

-links between tasks
-multi task - multi project gantt

We would like to donate for this features.

I am reading this and nodding, we’ve been using the 1.1.12 version for a while and just updated but also looking at how we use this (and I’ve looked for paid for things too!) we’d really like this too.

Now one has been looking at the filter/search documentation and it tells us that we can choose which projects we see - but gantt is limited to just the one project we are viewing. Are there places where this allows multi project views ? Ideally we’d like to list all tasks in a gantt or all tasks for a person on a gantt - which would be a massively useful thing here!

I’ve started the development of a new gantt plugin, which should include links.


@BlueTeck : If you want, I can share with you a little code (based on SVG.JS library) which displays visual links on kanboard. (Not all links and not perfect, but maybe it can be helpful for you ?).

Thanks, but the baics links are already working.
I am using

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@BlueTeck, thank’s for starting of developing of new Gantt chart plugin. It wil be really useful for community of Kanboard users.

Do you plan to include to your plugin function for planning and reviewing of tasks in different time scales, like days and hours?

Its not polished at the moment, but you can change the scale:


Wow, that’s very good! Thank you!

tried your plugin but i can only see a blank page.
i’m on kanboard 1.2.16
do you have any suggestion?
thank you.

Do you have installed the old/standard Gantt-Plugin as well?

Removed old folder and tried new plugin.
Now i re installed old plugin.

BlueTeck, I can see in GitHub you are not working on plugin for last few month, Is there anything like donation that we can do to accelerate development pf Gantt plugin?

Unfortunately I just don’t have the time until end of february :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi BlueTeck :slight_smile:
Do you need any help finishing this plugin ? And do you have any TODO ?

I’ve created some issues with things that are missing from my perspective. Help and PRs and tests are welcome.

nice work,

How do I skin it to match the galaxy theme from customizer?


I install your early development version in a test perspespective but the gantt view doesn’t show kanboard’s tasks :

Capture d’écran du 2021-02-22 10-24-07

Am I missing something ?

Thank’s in advance.