Show dependencies in Gantt-Chart


it would be very nice, if I can see the dependencies between tasks in the Ganttchart

see Gantt Chart doesn't show links

I painfully trawled through github an found an updated Gantt chart that uses frappe if anyone is interested:

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I just wanted to throw in that I would love a modernized, full-featured Gantt view for Kanboard. I’m not sure I can help codingwise right now (lack the time), but I’d be happy to test, suggest features, cheer…

I use kanban boards for almost all of my planning in both personal and work projects. However, I often find myself asked to produce a Gantt chart by higher-ups or funding agencies. I don’t use Gantt charts to plan, but I do need to answer these requests somehow. Being able to use Kanboard for this purpsoe would help me quite a bit.