Sharing and/or exporting Gantt diagram?


I’m a new user in Kanboard with Framaboard.

I would like to know if there is a progress available to export Gantt diagram in .csv or .pdf files and/or to share it ?

I’m very interested in any progress on this subject because optimization on Gantt diagram options would be great for Kanboard practices development and Kanboard’s users.

Thanks in advance for returns.


You have issue with using Kanboard collaboratively at work ?

May be you simply don’t want to use it as a collaborative tool ?


My question is likely not clear. Please, find below new explanations.

My question/suggestion deals with only Gantt diagram in Kanboard (Framaboard in my case). It seems that Kanbord doesn’t allow to share it to project’s members (see screenshot below). Is this function is available in Kanboard ?

If not, exporting Gantt diagram in .pdf or .csv files (as an example) to send it by mail could be also interesting.

At the contrary I used Kanboard (Framaboard) in collaborative mode and I didn’t encounter any issue with the collaborative project mode.

Thanks in advance for return.

The latest kanboard version allows any project member to view the Gantt chart, even a project viewer.
If you tried it, you would know it.
It does not possible you are not able to install the latest version to at least check if what you are reporting is already fixed. You already said that you can’t use a self installed, but can’t you install one to just test things?

Pretty sure I even provided a test instance of latest version @


Sorry but it’s ok now, I will use the test instance provided by creecros.

Thanks a lot for your answer.