Tasks not displayed when due date not in current month

I use Kanboard with Framaboard and I noticed an issue in view of Gantt calendar.
I noticed the same issue as described here : https://github.com/kanboard/plugin-calendar/issues/7
As described in the post, Gantt diagram doesn’t show the whole project planning (only one month).
Is a progress available ?
Thanks for your return.


Which version of Kanboard are you using?
Last time i logged into my framaboard account, I found that they never updated Kanboard on Frama…

You should install it on your host if you have one. If not, you should have one…

Framaboard is on version 1.0.47, last I checked. If they dont upgrade, there isnt much we can do to help out the situation.

Yeah, even if you find an issue still unsolved on current kanboard version, and even if it’s fixed after you report, they probably won’t upgrade their kanboard

Do you know why it will be probably not upgraded ?

I’m just saying, they’re using a version from October 2017!
Before reporting this bugs you should check the latest release, because there was a LOT of changes in 2 years.

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Thanks for return.
According to other replies I received, tests of update should be done (in progress from few weeks).
Have a nice day.