Swilanes and columns : issues with "i"


I’m a new user in Kanboard with Framaboard.

Issue I encoutered is summerized in picture below :

Step 1, step 2 and step 3 were carried out successively.

In step 2, whathever icons used in task, the same issue appeared (description “i” of the column selected in step 3 appeared in task).

Issue appeared both with Chrome and Firefox.

I’m very interested in any progress on this subject because informations “i” are very useful for users.

Many thanks in advance for return.

Which kanboard version is this?

Framaboard is on version 1.0.47.

This is a very old version of Kanboard. You should ask Framaboard to update their instance. This issue is already fixed I believe.

Even if the issue wasn’t already fixed it wouldn’t matter to you because this site is using a version from October 2017.
I pay only cents of dollars every month to Google Cloud (it gives free usage of their simplest virtual machine, but since I’m in another continent, I pay for the network usage)
Then you can have your own kanboard installation, and using letsencrypt you get ssl for free. And can also have the latest kanboard version.
If you wish a domain, it can cost 5 dollars a year depending on the name, or you can use a “no-ip” solution.
What I mean is, it’s not expensive to have your own kanboard installation, if you don’t have hundreds of users and don’t plan on uploading tons of files to it.


I will ask them if they can do this.

I agree with your advice but I’m not able to do this. That’s why I need to use an external service.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

According to other replies I received, tests of update should be done (in progress from few weeks).
Have a nice day.