Help with Tag Management

We use two Projects Boards for our work. The first board is for Projects and the second board is for tasks. The projects and tasks are linked. We are using tags to describe the “initiative” that the project represents and want the tags to appear on all of the related cards to the initiative. Since we are using two boards, there are effectively two sets of the same tags (one for each project).

I am aware of the Global tags feature at the Application level. Unfortunately, we have a host of tags at the project level. I was looking for a way, either through the application or API, to migrate tags to the Global tag space. Unfortunately the API reference doesn’t appear to have any methods for the Global tags, only for Project tags or ways to set tags on Tasks.

Does anyone know how to use the API to migrate the project tags to the Global space? I am currently using the Python client for my scripting.


It’s been a while, but maybe this plugin will help you in your work if you still use Kanboard. There is no API involvement.

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