Taglist Plugin: Possible to mark global tags as "inactive" without deleting?

we are trying kanboard for our company (30 people, plant construction sector) and have decided to use one board per department.
In order to get overview of projects we would use bigboard plugin and taglist plugin, so that projects are entries in the global taglist and each task is tagged with its related project. Then the project manager can use bigboard and filter for his project tag and identify tasks lagging behind.

Now, sales is using new project tags for their quotations, and many of them are inactive for quite some time and show up only after 2 or 3 years again. In order not to clutter the global taglist it would be nice to have the option to mark tags as “inactive” so that they do not clutter the tag selection dialog. I do not want to delete them because then I lose all the project connection of old tasks.

Anybody have an idea if this can be done with limited effort?

Hi Stephan,

I think best way would be to enhance the kanboard core.

Implementing this feature into my plugin would require some core overwrites, which reduces the campatibility with other plugins.

The core enhancement shouldn’t be a big deal, the question is, if this feature is required by the majority of the userbase.


Hi Timo,

To be honest I was hoping for your feedback.

Sounds like a major process to convince the core developers that a majority of the userbase would need that.

Then still is the question on who would have the knowledge and capacity to implement it.

Maybe another way is to just implement it and send it to the core developers so they can consider to use it for the next core or not.

So, here is the question: Could you develop something like this? Can you give me an idea of cost involved?

Feel free to mail or call me using the data below – I think we can talk german as well, correct?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with kind regards

Stephan Koepp


Hm, I notice my question above has been raised earlier, for example here:
However, apparently nobody took up the ball.
As we are about to decide to use kanboard in our company, there might be a budget for implementing this.
Anybody interested?

@fred what to you think about this feature? If it is fine for you, I will send a PR.

Dear Timo,
thank you for your quick action - I would highly appreciate if this could make it to the main program.
Best regards

one suggestion regarding this feature could be also to have the possibility to archive also projects related tags

I will take a look into this after my vacation.