Tag filter dropdown

Hi @all,

in the board view you have 3(4) filter dropdowns:

  • standard filter
  • (custom filter)
  • user filter
  • category filter

At the moment there is no tag filter dropdown. Is that something everbody could need or should I build a plugin for my usecase?


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I would like to have this feature without activating a plugin. It should be present by default :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve created a plugin:

Amazing ! Thank you :v:

If I could make a suggestion, I would say that the Icon is to close to the one used for Categories. Maybe cooler if an other one is set for the tags.

Do you have any suggestions for an icon?

I suggest a flag :


Available here : https://icomoon.io/#preview-free


Unfortunately the flag is already used for milestones

bookmark ist used, for custom filters

the tag icon is used for the category.

hashtag is used as task id indicator :confused:


Any other idea?

Indeed. It seems complicated to find a good alternative.

Actualy, the icon for the tags is perfect. Maybe we should change the one used for categories. Even in this case, it’s difficult to find the perfect one :man_shrugging:

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I’d switch categories to sitemap, and then tags to tags.

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I would also prefer an other category icon like:

Here a quick test:

Folder-open is the more relevant in my opinion :ok_hand:

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You cant go wrong with either, folder open does seem to look best.

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lets try it

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