New Plugin: TagManager

Hello all

I’m writing a new plugin to simply the display of project and global tags. Tags should be accessible easily at also on-the-fly as it is a quick workflow process for workload management.

Is there anybody who wants to contrinute to the plugin? I can work on the interface but I’m not good with functionality.

Would be nice:

  • if we could add a ‘state’ (new column in database) to mark tags as active or disabled
  • add a timestamp field in database so we know when the tag was last updated - this might help with ‘old’ tags
  • toggle states if database fields can be created.
  • edit or add tags on the fly without editing the task page, a seperate button/popup
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Thx, that would really bring some progress. Currently I use an explication table in a project wiki:

Tag Funcction / Meaning Remark
Tag 01 Explication 01
Tag 02 Explication 02 Remark 02
Tag 03 Explication 03

and so on.

But it sould be much more comfortable / user friendly to have something like that directly in the KANBOARD

To be honest, I’m (almost) fully satisfied with Kanboards tag handling, or I don’t see the use case for your plugin. Maybe you could give more details?

  • State of a tag, what purpose?
  • Timestamp tag was last updated? You mean assigned/used? OK, this might be helpful in some situations, but the required effort is IMHO beyond anything.
  • Edit or add tags on the fly without editing the task page: Hell no! I would rather not allow that new tags can be created for anything by anyone.

Just my 2 cents.

thanks for both answers.

I’m a frontend person so no added functionality will occur without any help as I simply dont know enough about coding and databases.

For the moment I will just re-design the tags page as I need it. I want to see my project tags ALONG WITH the available global tags, which was the reason I started the plugin.

State of tag… to show if it is active or disabled
timestamp… if used how many times is shown, we can manually delete or clear unused forgotten about tags over time.
edit on the fly… interesting… you see in my 3 team use-case, we need kanboard user actions to be faster, hence why i am starting to convert my manual edits steadily to plugins.

I will keep you all informed on the progress

This plugin has been released and will be available in the official directory in the next few days.

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Thanks for that great work. Finally, I can clean up the tag mess within my projects. :astonished:


Great news, I MUST try this …

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haha you spoke my words! I felt the same after I created the plugin but then my main issue was identifying the tags. I used the CSS classes to custom-color the tags but in the middle of my year-long migration of Kanboard, I though colors should be improved. A great massive thanks to @creecros for the ColorManager functionality as now TagManager and ColorManager go hand in hand and tags seem so easy to be identified in busy boards. I hope you like it. ColorManager is pretty much finished now with very minor updates but TagManager is still slowly being worked on.

I had just a glance at the ColorManager plugin and I felt that I don’t really need it. But it’s good to know that it exists, in case I’ll need it later.

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thats cool, it is there mainly if you need more colours or different colours.

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