How to add a link to a file on the local network?

Can anyone explain to me how to add a link to a task which points to a file on our local network? I find the “external link” button and from there I am stuck.
If I just copy what my windows explorer believes to be the path I end up with Z:\blabla\abc\xyz - which does not work.
If I prepend file:// to this it looks as if some path would be recognized but clicking the mouse on this link does not do anything…

I believe this may be more of a Windos Question but still, if anyone had an idea I would be grateful.
Working under in a Network under Windows 10 and Kanboard on a Synology Diskstation.


You have to put this in the field befor you local link:

(It works on Mac, not sure on Windows).

Thanks for the hint - I already figured out to prepend file:// - the question is what should come after this - maybe the problem is the windows style \ instead of /, maybe it is the drive letter Z:\ - no idea…

Maybe file://sharedDirName/ works, check the windows shared name of your folder(dir)

I know that on Chrome, you can’t open local files from a remote URL due to security constraints.

Local file opened from a local file : it will works.
Local file opened from a remote server (localhost or hosted) : it will be blocked

Hello sko,

we are using local Links too to refer to documents on our local network shares.

The format for a link to L:\03-Marketing\03-Web is

For this to work in Firefox, we are using this addon:

one handy way to convert the Windows Path to a file:/// link is to paste it into the URL-Bar in Firefox an hit enter. Then copy the resulting URL to your clipboard.

It is a partly manual process, but maybe it will be useful for you or someone else!

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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks, this sounds like I should give it a try – after the weekend though. Will report back.




Hi sebastian,

Thank you for this solution - it works fine!




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Hi sko, great! I am happy that i could help you.

In one department we introduced a JS-App to facilitate the creation of tasks. It also helps generating the correct links. We then create the task via the REST API. So far it is a great success in our company and well accepted among employees.

I can get a Network Folder URL to work fine a browser (file://Server/Folder), but Kanboard doesn’t seem to know how to use the URL when setting up a Web Link: Unable to fetch link information.
Any ideas? (we are on version 1.2.25).