Kanboard over local connection?

This question may out me as a bit of a newbie, but I was wondering if it was possible to run Kanboard exclusively on a local intranet connection? If possible, I want to avoid having to connect it as a full-on internet server just for security reasons (I’m the closest thing we have to an IT guy and I’m not super well versed in compsci outside of some basics). There’s only 20 of us in the company, and we all work in the same building, so web reliant features like email notifications aren’t really necessary. My preferred method would be to simply set the server on a static IP address and edit the hosts file of the 3 or 4 computers that would actually be accessing the site (our shop will just have a TV and Raspberry Pi hooked up with a keyboard and mouse to edit their parts of the board). Will this completely break the site? What services/features require a full internet connection, and what can we still use by only accessing it locally?

Kanboard can work on your local network without being exposed or connected to Internet. It should work locally on your Raspberry Pi.


I originally set up a test version of Kanboard with a VirtualBox VM, so it’s definitely possible. Like @fred said, it can work on a computer as small as a Raspberry Pi. As far as I know, Kanboard only needs Internet access to send emails. You might want the server it runs on to be able to get to the Internet to install updates though.